Build maintainable, resilient and loosely coupled software.

Over 20-page FREE ebook and sketch notes that will help you understand and manage coupling and cohesion in your project.

  • Prevent software rotting by knowing your enemy.
  • Meet six shades of coupling and seven types of cohesion.
  • Do some exercises to test how cohesive your classes are.
  • Get to know fathers of terms "coupling" and "cohesion".
  • Have it on your favorite reader.

Over 20 pages of content with images, code examples, and exercises.

Sketch notes with types of coupling and cohesion to print out and stick above your bed!

PDF, MOBI, EPUB formats so you can have it always with you on your favorite reader.

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Tomek Stolarczyk is a developer who loves exploring different software designs and architectures. Is a big fan of DDD, software design in general, refactoring techniques and using the right tools for the job. He is very picky when it comes to choosing the approach to follow. Likes to know his alternatives with all their pros and cons. He will show you things from different angles to help you make the right decisions. So dare to be picky! And follow Mr. Picky, dear Watson!